Welcome to Mushrooms of Connecticut

When I first became interested in mushroom foraging. I wanted to buy a field guide specific to my state. I was able to find some for my region, or from neighboring states. But, the season can vary because of weather and terrain in this region. The seasons in Maine are far different than the seasons in New Jersey. So, while there might be plenty of overlap. I thought there might be enough difference to create a state specific guide. Here on this site, I will document all my local mushroom finds, and organize any information I collect. The potential end goal is to create that missing field guide that I had hoped to purchase initially.

If you’re new to foraging mushrooms, please check out the Top 10 Edible Mushrooms of Connecticut. If you’re looking for more, check out the Mushroom Index for a list of fungi native to Connecticut, or check out the Mushroom Photo Index for a more visually oriented list. Neither list is exhaustive in nature, but is always evolving, expanding as I find more and more of our native fungi. Part of learning which mushrooms are safe to eat, is learning which ones are NOT safe to eat. So, be sure to always double and triple check edibility, do your own research, and stay safe. The more you learn and the more experience you gain in the field, the better and safer forager you will become.

Lastly, while the initial catalyst for the creation of this website was a focus on foraging mushrooms in Connecticut. After I began looking more closely at nature and life in the forest. I was overcome by a curiosity that goes beyond the dinner table. It has lead me to dive deeper into the study of mushrooms, fungi, microscopy and the cultivation of edible mushrooms at home. and other forms of life that can be found while exploring Connecticuts forests. As time allows, I hope to expand this site to include more learning material for other curious minds.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you stick around and in some way this site helps you learn, grow, and experience nature in a deeper and more meaningful way.