Welcome to the species index! This page was originally known a the Mushroom Index. However, as we continue our exploration of Connecticut forests. We will be adding other forms of life. Starting with lichens, and expanding further to include trees, and other plants as time goes on. We will also create visual indexes for these new groups, as each section is developed.

If you have arrived here as a new mushroom forager, take a look at our Top 10 Edible Mushrooms of Connecticut page. But, if you are an experienced forager, or your curiosity has grown beyond the dinner table, and you want to learn more about the diversity of species in Connecticut. Then this is the right place. Below, is a longer list of mushrooms and other species that you might encounter here in Connecticut. The list below will not contain every single mushroom known to inhabit Connecticut. However, it will contain all that I have documented myself, or are generally considered common for our area. The purpose of this list, is to personally verify as much of the diversity in Connecticut that I can. Some pages may only have photos and no description or details. Descriptions and additional details will be added as time allows. Many mushrooms are actively being studied, and the taxonomy is ever changing. So, some of the names shown here may be outdated, or may represent a “clade” rather than individual distinct species. So, try not to take it too seriously, and have fun checking out the amazing life forms that nature has brought to us.

Also, I’m sure you already know that some mushrooms on this list are lethally poisonous. So, while you may find information about toxicity or edibility in the pages below. Always consult multiple sources of information and always be 100% sure of what you have before considering a mushroom for consumption. Ultimately it is your responsibility to know exactly what you are consuming and whether it is safe for you. Even non-toxic mushrooms can generate an allergic response in individuals with particular sensitivities. Therefore it is important to always exercise caution, regardless of whether a mushroom is considered toxic or not.

289 species documented.