Ecology & HabitatParasitic on Peniophora (a crust fungus) growing in small clusters anywhere fallen wood can be found.
Edibility, Taste & OdorIndistinct Odor, Indistinct Flavor, Edible, but used to add texture/color to dishes rather than flavor.
FleshSmall gelatinous, wrinkled brain-like clusters when wet. Shriveled and somewhat spikey looking when dry. Orange to yellow and semi-translucent when wet. Becoming Darker Orange to reddish orange when dry.
Tremella mesenterica (Witches Butter)

This jelly grows on hard wood, not conifers. It has a look alike, Dacrymyces palmatus (Orange Jelly) which looks very similar, but grows on conifer wood, and has a lighter colored or white attachment point where it attaches to the wood it is growing from. If you’re wondering what the purple fungus is in the photos below. It is Trichaptum biforme (aka. Violet Toothed Polypore).