Ecology & HabitatSaprotrophic Growing in clusters on fallen sticks. Woodlands, woodlines, anywhere a fallen branch may be.
Edibility, Taste & OdorIndistinct odor. Mild flavor (if any). Mostly added to dishes for texture Edible
FleshSomewhat hemispherical, but with an irregular faceted surface. When wet, somewhat translucent amber to brown. Black and shriveled when dry.
Exidia recisa (Amber Jelly Roll)

This is one of my favorite jelly fungi. Mainly because it’s so reliable. It’s always there when other fungi are not, even in very cool weather. So, in early spring when I cannot find any morels, and the dead of winter when I cannot find any frozen oysters. I can still find these little jellies on sticks pretty frequently. As long as it’s very humid out, or it’s rained in the last 24 hours They can be spotted pretty readily. They grow almost exclusively on small fallen hardwood sticks. Any hardwood sticks with a diameter between that of a pencil and slightly larger than your thumb. The flesh is a translucent brown or amber color. When dry, they shrink and shrivel into to a black crust attached to the stick. But, when it rains or if put in water, they will swell up to the translucent brown jelly. These are in fact edible, and some people will candy them. There isn’t any distinct flavor, but the texture is interesting in asian soups and stirfry.