Ecology & HabitatSaprobic, Growing in Clusters of Shelves either directly attached to the tree, or rising up on a short stem before fanning out into a shelf. Growing on living or dead trees hemlock trees. Growing almost exclusively on Hemlock
Edibility, Taste & Odor Edible margin, remaining portions can be used for medicinal purposes.
Cap Redish cap with white margin. The margin will bruise brown. but the shiny reddish cap surface does not bruise at all.
PoresPore surface white to cream, bruising brown, eventually turning brown itself.
Ganoderma tsugae (Hemlock Reishi)

Ganoderma tsugae is commonly found in North America growing on the trunks of hemlock trees. This mushroom has a distinctive appearance, with a reddish-brown kidney-shaped or fan-shaped cap, and has a shiny, smooth cap surface. The underside of the cap is covered with tiny pores that release it’s reproductive spores. The stem of Ganoderma tsugae is short and thick, and is often covered with the same reddish glossy texture. This mushroom is often confused with other species of Ganoderma, because there are several shiny red Ganoderma species. However, this can be distinguished by its presence on Hemlock trees. It is a beautiful and unique mushroom that is highly valued for its medicinal properties and aesthetic appeal. However, it is also edible when young. The leading edge of a young mushroom will be white to cream colored and soft. It’s that soft white leading edge that can be cut from the cap and eaten.