Guepiniopsis buccina (Jelly Cone)

This little mushroom looks a bit like a trumpet or horn. It has a yellow to orange color, turning more orange when dried. The flesh is somewhat translucent like jelly fungi, and it’s shaped somewhat like a cup fungus but it’s also on a short tapered cone shaped stalk, hence a close relative G. alpina carries the common name “Alpine jelly cone” and while there is no established common name that I know of, I will simply call it the “Jelly Cone” . The spore print is orange as shown in the photos below. The individual spores are long and curved. I’m not sure where I read it, but at some point while researching the identification someone had described the spores as sausage shaped. I don’t have a photo of the spores unfortunately. But, when I looked at them under the microscope they certainly fit that description.