Megacollybia rodmanii (Platterful Mushroom)

This is another spring / early summer mushroom that is very common. They come up around dead wood. Often times the wood is so decomposed that it’s no longer visible above the soil surface and leaves on the forest floor. The caps are browish to grayish, and can looks somewhat similar to the cap of a Pluteus cervinus. The gills are white, but much more distantly spaced compared to pluteus. It also has a white spore print, which is also different than Pluteus. The stem is much broader, and smoother. They can be quite large as well. I’m not sure what the maximum size is. But, I have seen several that were at least 6 inches in diameter. The common name is the platterful. I am unsure if that is because they get so large that one cap can fill a plate. Or, if it’s because they are so abundant that you can fill platters full of them easily in the spring time after a good rain.