Ecology & HabitatSaprotrophic growing Singly or Gregariously Associated with pine and potentially other conifers.
Edibility, Taste & OdorStrongly Scented. Floral and Citrus like odor, with additional chemical smell.
CapSmall, 1 to 2cm Conical Olive or Grayish Green with what looked like a white waxy film or powder covering the entire surface Dry, Gills visible through cap at margin.
GillsNarrowly attached Distantly spaced Light Yellow
StemCenter of cap cylindrical light yellow, turning darker yellow when handled very smooth shiny surface, similar white waxy powder near based on along length of stem on younger specimens hollow interior
Mycena Griseoviridis

This one was difficult to identify, and was one of the mushrooms that caused me to develop an easier to use interface for mushroom identification keys. The ones that are found in field guides are great on the printed page. On the web though, we can make it a little more interactive and easier to use. I used the data from the Mycena Key on Michael Kuo’s website and was able to narrow it down based on the unusual odor that this mushroom had. I still do not know how to describe the odor. It was not unpleasant, and not a “mushroomy” smell at all. It was a pleasant smell, almost citrusy or floral in some way, but also slightly unnatural. Almost like a mild artificial cleanser.