Tubaria furfuracea (Scurfy Twiglet)

Before writing this, I had to look up what Scurfy meant. It’s a word I’ve heard before but wasn’t exactly sure of the meaning. Apparently it refers to a flaking of the skin, similar to dandruff. I assume this reference applies mostly to the stem area since the cap is somewhat smooth, maybe faintly powdery. But the stem often has flaking on it. The stem is also often not really uniformly round, but rather flattened, and generally irregular. I googled twiglet just for the heck of it since I still had google open from looking up scurfy. To my surprise, Twiglets are a European snack, which look somewhat like a twig. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that the common name implies that this mushrooms stem looks like a flakey version of this European snack. Either way, the hydrophanous cap is a sort of orangey cinnamon color often referred to as tawny-brown, with a lighter colored margin. The stem and gills are similarly a lighter cinnamon like color with lighter highlights and flakes. The spore print is a light or pale reddish brown, and there may be remnants of a veil on the cap margin and a ring on the stem depending on the age of the specimen They often grow in wood chips and mulch beds in relatively large patches.