Ecology & HabitatSaprotrophic, Growing in clusters and rows of multiple overlapping fruiting bodies Deciduous and forests, on dead or dying trees and stumps
Cap Grayish-brown cap with white margin, often covered with green algae or moss.
PoresPore surface white to cream.
Cerrena unicolor ( Mossy Maze Polypore )

This mushroom is commonly known as the “Mossy Maze Polypore” due to its maze-like pores and mossy appearance of the cap surface. The cap is fan-shaped, and is colored white to grayish-brown on upper surface and is covered with long hair similar to Trametes hirsuta. These hairs and most of the cap are often (nut not always) colored green with algae or moss. The underside of the cap or pore surface is and a brownish-yellow with elongated maze-like pores. The mushroom grows directly from the wood substrate with no stem and will often be in groups of overlapping clusters. Cerrena unicolor can be distinguished by its maze-like pores and mossy appearance, however, there are a so many other light colored fan shaped polypores who’s pores elongate with age that it has taken me some time to be able to distinguish this one from the others. Because of the variability in morphology between species. I still struggle with some specimens. But, on those where the mossy cap, and elongated pores are more pronounced, I am more confident and able to identify them. The ones in the below photos are not particularly mossy, but the cap is hairy enough, and the underside is maze like enough for me to be able to identify them.