Ecology & HabitatMycorrhizal, growing Singly or in Clusters, often found in woodlands, nearest their host tree. Associating mainly with Beech and Oak, occasionally with conifers
CapMedium sized, round cap, domed to flat in shape. Flesh is white to light yellow, staining yellow where bruised. Surface covered with reddish / orangish scales. Whitish margin, with possibly remnants of cortina
GillsAttached gills, Closely spaced, Light yellow, becoming brown with age due to brown spore deposits.
StemCentral Stem, cylindrical, but often times curved with a slightly enlarged base. White to light yellow flesh, covered with reddish / orangish scales, similar to cap
Partial VeilWhite Cortina, sometimes leaving a white or brown ring zone on stem depending on age and spore release.
Cortinarius bolaris (Dappled Webcap)

This mushroom from the top, looks a lot like the Suillus spraguei the “Painted Bolete”, or possibly Tricholomopsis rutilans, the “Plums and Custard” mushroom. But, the colors are somewhat different from both. It’s a bit less of a red and more orangish. It reminds me a bit of lobster meat for some reason.