Ecology & HabitatMycorrhizal. Growing Singly or Gregariously/Trooping (many individuals in a small space) Found in deciduous and coniferous forests, often near trees and in grassy areas Deciduous trees
Cap Off White to Light Brown cap, with brown scales/fibers,bruises pinkish when damaged
Gills Initially Pink, becoming brown with age as spores matures.
Stem The stem is white / off white, and bruises pinkish where damaged
Partial Veil The ring/annulus is white, smooth, thin, membranous, and fragile.
SporesChocolate Brown
Agaricus Sylvaticus (Blushing Wood Mushroom)

Agaricus sylvaticus is a beautiful species which is tall and slender. Its name is derived from the Latin word “sylvaticus,” which means “of the woods”. It has a large, fleshy cap which bruises red or pink when damaged. The cap is usually brownish or becoming lighter brown and developing scales as it matures. The gills are pinkish, and turn brown with age as the spores mature. The stem is long and sturdy, with a visible ring/annulus and is often bulbous near the base which also bruises red or pink when damaged. There are many similar looking mushrooms in the Agaricus genus, many of which bruise pink. There are also some similar looking Amanita species which will bruise pink. Amanitas however will have an white spore print, and an outer veil that will be visible if the mushroom is excavated., and species will have an outer veil, which Agaricus species lack.