Candolleomyces Candolleana (Pale Brittlestem)

This mushroom is one that I often have a difficult time identifying. The stem is white, and fragile, The gills are white to light gray, turning dark as the dark purple brown spores being to fall. The cap color and shape however can vary quite a bit. The color can range from white to dark tan depending on age and environmental conditions. The cap shape varies from conical to hemispherical to flat or upturned as it ages. I will almost always have veil fragments on the cap margin or even on the cap itself. The veil fragments are very thin, white. It often grows at a similar time of year and similar habitat as the similar looking Agrocybe dura. Growing around stumps, in lawns, and wood chip beds. But, thankfully, they often grow in groups of at least a 3 or 4, often times in much more. But, with several specimens available, you can compare young and old specimens to see the range of cap shapes and colors, and if the spores are purple brown on the older ones.