Daedaleopsis septentrionalis

This mushroom, I originally misidentified. It’s close relative Daedaleopsis confragosa shares many similar features. They both have a zonate caps ranging from whitish to brownish. The both have elongated maze like pores on the underside which will bruise pinkish and eventually fade to brown, and they both grow on birch. The key difference is that Daedaleopsis confragosa has pores that are not so elongated, and it will grow on any hardwood. Where as Daedaleopsis septentrionalis has extremely elongated pores. So long that make the underside almost look like it has gills. It also grows exclusively on birch, and not other hardwoods. Also worth noting, is that the extremely elongated pores which make the underside look almost like gills, can be shorter and more round near the attachment point.