Entoloma abortivum (Shrimp of the Woods)

This mushrooms itself, is a pretty little gray mushroom, with gray gills and a gray stipe. It will be found growing on dead wood. The spores are pink and may color the gills pink as it ages. It is best know for the strange white twisted shapes of the aborted mushroom flesh associated with it’s presence. These light colored curls of mushroom tissue was originally thought to be aborted and unformed mushrooms, hence the name “abortivum”. However, the current theory is that it is parasitizing Armillaria (Honey Mushrooms). Either way, they are a most interesting looking species. The flesh look and texture is certainly reminiscent of shrimp. I personally don’t think they taste like shrimp, despite with others may claim. But, when they’re fried and in dipping sauce. I can’t say that I don’t enjoy them.