Panus lecomtei (Hairy Panus/Ruddy Panus)

The Hairy Panus is a shelf like mushrooms growing from stumps and fallen logs, often in very sunny areas. They have light colored gills and a white spore print. They have a very hairy cap. surface, hence the common name Hairy Panus The caps of the young ones will be darker and may be more of a burgundy shade. As they age, the caps change from reddish to brownish, and eventually are bleached by the sun to a light tan color. I don’t often see them in the woods. I typically see them on tree stumps in the front lawns of peoples houses or in parks as I pass by.. The ones in this photo were in exactly such a place. The front lawn of a church where a tree had been cut town a few years ago. The orange you see in the photos was the spray paint markings of a stump grinding company who took out the stump shortly after I took these photographs.