Ecology & HabitatParasitic on the mycellium of Stereum species. Will be found growing from wood. Stereum fruiting bodies may or may not be present on that wood. But the wood for certain contains Stereum mycellium
Edibility, Taste & OdorIndistinct Odor. Indistinct Flavor (if any). Edible, but mostly used to add texture to dishes, rather than flavor.
Flesh When wet, it is semi-translucent, amber to reddish brown. Becoming shriveled and black when dry.
Phaeotremella foliacea (Leafy Brain Fungus)

This jelly fungus, one might think was saprotrophic, feeding on dead wood like so many other mushrooms. Because, you will always find it growing on wood. However, This jelly is actually parasitizing another fungus (Stereum sp.) which is saprotrophic. So, you will always find it growing from wood in which Stereum fungus is growing. On the surface it looks like one big wrinkly blob. But, if you start examining it, you will notice it’s made up of several large and thin extremely wavy layers or “flaps”.