Psathyrella delineata / rugocephala (Wrinkled Cap Psathyrella)

The wrinkled cap Psatherella is a medium sized mushroom, appearing in spring alongside pluteus species and megacollybia rodmani. They have a more warmer colored brownish cap, which is hygrophanous and covered in raised wrinkles. The gills are light brown colored, but will become a darker grayish brown as the dark purple to black spores begin to fall. The stem is smooth and white. There may be veil remnants on the cap or stem in younger specimens. Psatherella deliniata and Psatherella rugocephala are indistinguishable from one another with the naked eye. But, with a microscope, you will find that deliniata has smooth ellipsoid spores, and rugocephala spores are covered in warts.