Ecology & HabitatSaprotrophic growing singly or in clusters predominantly on conifer stumps and fallen logs.
Edibility, Taste & OdorOdor often described as non-distinctive, but sometimes described as inky. On one occasion I personally thought it smelled strongly of hot tar. Generally considered inedible, or potentially toxic.
Cap Medium/Walnut Brown Soft and Leathery Margin is inrolled when young but flattens and may be scalloped when older. Flesh is light cream or yellowish
GillsGills are decurrent close to crowded cream or light yellow colored. some cross veining may be present at stem
StemStem is offset short and wide tan or light brown at the top, quickly transitioning to dark brown Covered with dark brown or black hairs, giving it a fuzzy or velvety appearance an feel. Solid Interior
SporesBuff or Brownish Yellow.
Tapinella atrotomentosa (Velvet Footed Pax)

These tough little toadstools have dark colored fuzzy feet. Typically found growing on conifer stumps/roots. Which is true for the ones I have found here in Connecticut. While not edible, they are very interesting looking. Next time I find one, I’ll be sure to take an “in situ” photo so you can see them in natural lighting. The stipe is typically offset, brown to dark brown, and fuzzy. The cap is dry, something like the texture of soft leather. The gills are light yellow to creamy. Spore print is yellowish brown or creamy brown. Of the few i’ve found, some had no noticable odor, while others smelled like tar, creosote or hot car tires.